“Empathy and Eros in her sculpture”

Encountering the sculptures of Matilde Mancini allows us to admire a lofty lyricism, the novelty in her inspiration, and everything that is powerful and of great spirituality in her work. This artist is part of a group that, since the Italian avant-garde, has confirmed itself in the art scene, with the aspiration to remain true to tradition while still seeking new forms of expression. In her work, especially during the years between 1995 and 2000, we notice a way of…


“The Breath of Life”

Matilde Mancini’s sculptures, shaped out of olive wood in a whirl of visual and emotional stimuli, cause the viewer’s mind to be tricked in its perception of the event: forms entwine around space, voids assume solidity, and the pace of the imagination is extended disproportionately under the swift flow of light. The artist blends together the charisma of the ancients with the sensibility of contemporaries: her works emanate a Pan-like desire for total immersion in creation, born of the awareness…


“Flight Fragments”

A poem, a romance, a work of art thrills and excites you. Art, is known, always opens new horizons, it allows us to discover ourselves, immersed in the sea of hope. It is in this manner, that Matilde Mancini, inspired by poetry, the inspiring muse of all arts and the magic that it evokes, allows to be captured by the verses written by Alda Merini to create her masterpieces filled with power and emotions. A synaesthetic pleasure captures and prompts…