image_1After a brief experience in painting, she is now entirely devoting herself to the bronze sculpture.
Her works have been exposed in Rome at the “Galleria D’Arte Latina” (1995) and at the “Galleria San Carlo” (1997).
In October 2000, still in Rome, she exposed her works at “Galleria d’Arte Fidia” in the course of her One-Man show.
In Summer 2001, she exposed at the exhibition center of Subiaco (Rome) where her works have been sponsorized by the local cultural instituitions.
In Winter 2006/2007 she has been invited to several exhibitions promoted by Piedmont cultural assessorate in the cities of Bardonecchia, Pianezza and Grugliasco.
In August 2010 she exposed her works at the exhibition “The Sculpture in
Capri – Shapes and Visions” organized by Italian Art Collection.
In the spring of 2014 she performed in a one-man show at the Gallery “Fidia” in Rome and later in a collective exhibition  at the Racchetta  Palace of Ferrara (July 2014).
In 2015 she was a guest of a collective display of arts in the Church of St. Maria Loreto Rome, from 18 to 27 January 2015, and has recently exhibited in a one-man show in Cortona in the Cloister of St. Augustine from 18 July to 2 August 2015.
She has been  included in the new text “Paths of Art in Italy 2015”, published by Rubbettino in september 2015 and edited by Enzo Le Pera, and in december 2015 she participated at collective exhibition “GenerAzioni a confronto” in Genzano , Palace Sforza Cesarini, managed by Giorgio Di Genova.
In the spring of 2016 she exposed at the exhibition “Oltre la scena” at the gallery “GoTo” in Turin.
In May 2017 she performed in a one-man show “Le ali della materia” at the gallery “Spazio Porta Mazzini – Micro Arti Visive” in Rome