Tecnica di lavorazione

Working technique: outlines in “wasted wax”img_cera persa_1

All is starting by anonymous tablets of red wax. By heating the tablets the wax loses its rigidity and gets alive by assuming shape, consistency and meaning. The material is ductil, palpable, loyal. It memorizes each imprint and easily adjusts itself to sudden changes or, by cooling down, it penetrates into any trace, rough or smooth, that your hand or tools have left on it.

Then, when you decide at a certain moment that your work is over, a new process will start in the foundry, at the end of which the wax will be replaced by bronze. From this process derives the slight melancoly term: “wasted wax”.

In reality, nothing is lost. A tight net of small canes is applied to the wax figure enclosed into a refractory material. Through these interstices, the melted bronze will meticulously fill up the space left empty by the wax, which will evaporate during the “cooking” process at high temperatures. Once this process is finished, the close canes net, the nails and residual material around the sculpture are removed and the bronze body is chiselled, cleaned and glazed and settled down for ever.